“…are my children working against me?”

19 Aug

To begin my morning, my beautiful red-haired angel of a son does not greet me with tidings of  “Good morning Mommy!”, instead I get:

Ayden: “Mommy, all of these toys are still on the ground.”

Flustered Mommy: “Yes, Ayden, I realize this, we all need to pick them up.”

Angel Ayden: “No, that’s okay, YOU will pick up all the toys Mommy.”

Speechless flustered Mommy: Silence.

This post from Small Notebook could not have arrived any sooner…

excerpt from the post:

My Day is a Series of Five Minutes at a Time

“As a mother to small children, it can be hard when I feel like I lose control over my day. It seems like small things shouldn’t take a long time to do, changing a diaper for instance, but everything takes so much time when you add it together.

When a morning presents difficult challenges, like this morning when I cleaned up a mess that is too gross to tell you about, it’s easy to feel sabotaged. How many times have I wondered if my children are working against me? Like when you’re trying to get ready to go somewhere, and your kid takes her shoes and socks off at the moment you should be walking out the door.

In life with small children, interruptions and messes and small things are not disruptions to my day, they are my day, and I should be ready for them. Why would I expect my day to go as I planned?”


How to be a “truly sick kid”, taken directly from the source…

4 Aug

#1 Sleep.

#2 Acquire a new high pitched scream, in order to completely get everyones attention that may be around.

#3 Quit eating, all together, just quit.

#4 Refuse to wipe/blow your own nose.  Why should you do it, when __(insert caregiver of the moment’s name here)__ will do it?

#5  Hit yourself in the nose or face, to really convey your frustration.

#6 Throw a complete tantrum when the nurse tries to put the ‘finger-clip-pulse-oxygen-thingy’ on your finger.  (This sure does clear out the scared patrons of the doctor’s office pretty well, leaving all doctors and office staff solely at your service.)

#7 Look really pitiful.  All the time.

#8  Be loving and cute when you are not screaming bloody murder at your caregivers.

#9 On the off-chance that you decide to eat, request chocolate, because it will be given.

#10 Just start crying, whenever and for whatever reason, if you are asked to do something that just doesn’t suit your mood.

Behold, a “truly sick kid“:

A Piece of Cake. Yum.

27 Jul

One would think that since I researched WordPress, got myself registered, started a blog with a pretty cool title, subject line, and header picture, that the first entry would be a piece of cake.  This is just not so.

So I’ve decided that what we need here is Ayden to get the ball rolling.

Ayden and his cake

This is Ayden (the cute but serious red head on the right) and my nephew, Kaden,  they are extremely serious about their cake.  No worries about the waterslide party going on around, don’t care that people are snapping pictures of them.  It’s all about the cake.

His only concern at this moment is the small piece of heaven on his plate…and perhaps the thought that he may not get another piece.

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